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“Selfie, A Photo art or just a waste of time?”

Have you ever tried flaunting your assets and enhancing your photography skills at the same time? No sweat of looking for a photo expert just to show off what you’ve got.
Taking photos have been stepped up into different variations, different themes and different concepts. We’ve been in the generations where we look at all those photos of our scenery spots, gazed all of the beautiful images that surrounds us, amaze by the skills on how the man behind transform those beautiful sight into a new work of art.
In this point in time, photo is also a bridge between two expertise, being a photographer and a model, being at the back of the camera and in front by the same person at the same time. “Selfie” from the root word itself, selfie is a term for a photo taken by the model himself/herself. Taking photos like this makes it complicated also for a person to capture a good shot because of a non-visible target. However, the outcome still makes one person view like it was an art. Some say’s this kind of photo could not be included as an art for it is only a selfish act of understanding one’s reflection.
The intensification of this so called selfie is also a mixture of giving hope and anxiety for each and every one of us for some upcoming latest technologies. The rise of the phone that getting techie as time goes by especially with its high definition camera will turn out to be important in our history as an art of knowing photo’s that serves as a mirror which records every single appearance and turned out to be an expression of one’s self art.
There are some ways of taking selfie, different moods which we don’t usually do in front of many people can be expressed through this. Boosting one’s self confidence makes it more important for some who were getting addicted to it. In addition to it, selfie is getting popular because of the growth of social networking media sites. Facebook, instagram, tumbler and a lot more networking sites including with its power to connect everyone makes it for some selfie addict to spread their photo. Reasons are various, some wanted to be known, some wanted to be popular and some just wanted to express their humor in different ways and in every single moment.
How about you? Are you a selfie addict? If you are, then how was it? Do you take photos to impress or do you captured one just to express or are you just wasting your time with this unimportant pastime?

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