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PHOTO ? Giving thoughts to everyone

On our daily basis, photo plays a big role in everyone’s lives.Nowadays each people can capture things, views and other stuffs using their cameras, we have our phones or mobiles and even the latest dslr(Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera to take a photo in a specific time, place, and special moments as well. People including me have different definitions when it comes to photo; we define it as a treasure, memories, history, because it can paused the time for maybe a second, year, up to forever maybe and etc. Photography was first invented on 1970 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, one of his photographs he took is from his window at Le gras (Saint-Loup-de-Vareness, France). Can you imagine that? Hundreds of years have passed but it still can be viewed in the internet, isn’t it cool? Every photo creates many thoughts, our eyes can capture and picture things within our minds, but remember, that sometimes the mind forgets, and I think the number one used of a photo is, to remind us the scenes of our past, present, to paused a things that is treasurable that we cant go back to.
Today when we go through social medias, many peoples sharing their photos within their friends, relatives and acquaintances like what I have said earlier, it plays a big role huh? We get interested on what the photo that they posted in, we get excited when some of them uploaded a photo’s of us getting notified or tagged, sometimes we get annoyed, when we find ourselves in the photo, not that good right? Sometimes we get emotional when we’re getting tagged on a photo after some family occasions or a photo of your girlfriend or boyfriend that is far away from you or just any love ones who’s abroad. We miss them so bad, to the point that just by viewing their photo make’s our heart pump so weired, until some flashback memories happens, until many what if’s comes to our minds. Just think if, facebook is only formed by a text designs etc, but without a photo? It is kind of a boring right at the same time, it’s a waste of time?
We used photo’s to express our feelings to others, it was invented to be a permanent memory. Just try to look a photo of you who’s 6-8 years old back then, and share me some thoughts that runs in your mind.

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